Rodrigo García Olza
Starred in The Motionless (Inertes, 2010) and Interferències (2011) and was recently seen as Fossil Child (El niño fósil) on the stage. Rodrigo plays Esteban, who wants to tear down the riddles that surround him.
Amparo F Báguena
Recently acted in The Stronger (La más fuerte, 2016) by Strindberg and staged Fracasadas (2015). She is Merche, Esteban’s fierce and weary mother.
Estefanía Doménech
Played the lead in Hundred Percent Pure Cotton (Cien por cien puro algodón, 2015) and also acted in The Best Family of the World (La mejor familia del mundo, 2015). Her character is Marta, Esteban’s girlfriend, whose tears are razor-sharp.
Carmen Lorenzo
Juggles between directing Enfoca Cinema School and her work for film and TV (lately in Techo y comida, 2015). She is Cati and firmly believes that Esteban, her nephew, is innocent.
Nieves Castells
Embodies Floria in the theatre monologue Vita Brevis, inspired by Jostein Gaarder. She plays Raquel, the inspector that leisurely investigates Esteban’s case.
Joan Manuel Gurillo
Starred in Escápate conmigo monstruo (2006) and the TV movies Cervantes contra Lope (2016) and Crematorio (2011). He is Juan, the police officer who wants that Esteban’s case simply vanishes.
Sebi Alcaraz
Recently starred in Anacleto (2015) and Life’s a Bitch (2013). His character is Ed, the shrewd boyfriend of Merche.
Héctor Juezas
Is a member of the AAPV (Valencian Actors and Actresses Association). He plays Cris, the first one to notice that Esteban disappeared.
Txema Arribas
Lately acted in Plan de fuga (2017), Putero y yo (2016) and La mano invisible (2016). He is the canny owner of the local antique shop.
Andrés López
Recently premiered Passion Pasolini. His character is Marcos, the amiable mechanic of the area.
Aitor Aguado
Is currently staging Tag Me Out or Hug Me Harder, a chamber play. He is Peer Gynt in the play that is staged in the film.
Agnes Kilary
Played Nikoletta Blasko in Is Someone There (Hay alguien ahí, 2009-2010). She is one of the trolls that assail Peer Gynt.
David Bollón
Appeared in TV series like What’s Yet to Come (La que se avecina, 2007) and Museo Coconut (2010). He plays one of the trolls that make fun of Peer Gynt.
Eva Velasco
Has a long track record on the Spanish stages. She plays Peer Gynt’s very patient mother.
Antonio M M
Has an extensive stage and TV résumé. His character is Antonio, Esteban’s insightful grandfather.
Virginia Riezu
Was the host of VU87 (2007-2009) and played the lead in El Festival (2005). She is Fini, who keeps Esteban at a distance from her hair salon.