We daresay that Cautiva y Desarmada (Captive and Disarmed) is a small, momentarily free and provincial production company or, to use a worn-out euphemism, it is independent.

We do not aim for the clouds -they are scarce in this part of the Mediterranean coast-, nor for the rugged ground. We want to find a balance between the real and the desired, and once we have found that harmony, we will look for another one. While we are searching, the wind of time keeps blowing.

We want to hunt down solid images, not the fleeting ones that seem to prevail nowadays. We want to create images that reflect our eyes. We are also locally focused, we do not want to grab anything outside the reach of our hands.

The name of the company -to clear the air on it- was taken from the last dispatch made by the Nationalist army during the Spanish Civil War. We chose it not as a homage but for its twang, which is in direct contrast with its linguistic meaning, and to scoff a bit at our main aim. What we want is to resist, to resist, to resist and, eventually, lone and level sands.